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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hair for your Wedding

Hair for your big day!
The key to have perfect wedding day hair is to find a style that reflects who you are. You want your style to enhance your look.The hairstyle must be complements your gown,veil as well as your face.You will want to consider the style and formality of your gown when deciding on how to wear your hair.Look for styles that are consistent  with the look of your gown.Also consider the neckline and sleeves of your gown when deciding on how to wear your hair.If your gown have a detailed  neckline  or back ,you don't want your hair to cover it.You just want to keep in mind that your hair is meant to complement your gown and not cover details that make it unique.
You must have at least one hair trial before your wedding day.Testing out your hairstyle before the big day will help ensure you get the look you want.I will be able to tell you what styles will work best on your hair.
If you plan on removing the veil after ceremony,you will want to let me know so i can show you how to remove the veil without messing up your style.
When you come for your trial,we will discuss what looks will work best not only for your hair length and texture,but also for the environment of your wedding.Weather elements,such as humidity,rain and wind will all
affect the way your hair will look on your wedding day.Event if your ceremony and reception are both indoors, you will most likely have to step foot outside at one point,so you will want to make sure your hair will stay perfect all day long.
When you have decided a style,you need to know about how to prepare your hair to look it's best on the big day.You should get a trim or haircut a couple of weeks before your wedding to get rid of any split ends.If you color,Hightlights, and perm your hair,you will want to do this well enough in advance that your hair has time to relax and look natural after the treatment.Also if you want etentions,you can talk to me,if you like for longer hair or for volume.It's important for the brides,how want extentions to come to me for haircut before the wedding because it will be different length between the hair and extentions,if the other person cuts the hair.
Also,make sure how hair have to be that day before we start.
The most important part to your big day is Hair&Make-up and for years to come.
It my pleasure to be part of the special day for Brides.
Altjana Banja
Freelance Hair&Make-up Artist

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