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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall / Winter 2011 Hairstyles

Flat Ironed Chignon

The chignon is polished and can be worn tight or loose to the head. It’s a totally fashionable look that is easy to re-create and wear for daytime or evening. This look was shown at the United Colors of Fashion Show and looked great on all the models. To get this chic look, just flat iron the hair, pull the hair into a low ponytail while making sure to keep the hair smooth, and finish by folding hair back into itself and securing with bobby pins. Use a light hold hair spray to keep flyaways at bay.


Altjana Banja Hair&Make-up Artist

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trendy Updo Hairstyles for Fall, Winter 2011, 2012


The secret to a being trendy and stylish does not depend solely on fashionable outfits. Having a fabulous hairstyle is part and parcel of the total package. This summer the hottest trend in hairstyles seems to be the short hairstyles. It does not however, mean that long hairstyles are out. You need not chop your hair off just to be in fashion. There are a lot of beautiful long hairstyles this summer to choose from. One set back however, of long hair during these hot summer months is having hair sticking at your neck because of the heat and humidity. It pays to learn some stylish ways to wear your hair up to keep you looking cool and trendy even in the heat. Check out some great but trouble-free updos and see if any of them will suit you:

Braided updos
Braided updos lend a bohemian allure that will surely make heads turn, even a simple braided ponytail. There are so many ways to style a braided updo, all it needs is tons of imagination and a little skill on your part. A braided high ponytail, a braided side ponytail, an elegant milkmaid braid, a French braid pulled down and pinned at the nape of the neck, a bohemian style braided updo,or a boho milkmaid braid updo are all fabulous looking braided updos.

Messy updos
Messy updos are the perfect everyday hairdo that is easy to style. They are sexy and romantic looking and will make you look great in no time at all. Messy updos are also perfect for both casual as well as formal occasions because it is not only sex it is also super elegant. The beauty of a messy updo is that it can be created for both straight or curly/wavy hair and thick, fine, thin or medium hair. Nothing can look sexier than a just-rolled-out-of bed look of a messy updo.

Aponytail is the easiest updo to create but is also one of the trendiest. It is the perfect solution to a bad hair day and can be styled in different ways to give you a fresh new look every time. There is a sleek high ponytail, a side ponytail, a low on the nape ponytail, try them all and have a fun summer feeling cool and looking great.

Altjana BanjaHair&Make-up Artist

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Fall and 2012 Winter Haircuts

 Fall has always been a time for many to dive into the world of short hair, it’s a great time to try something fresh, edgy and head turning. This season we’re seeing the return of masculine and feminine pixie cuts, blunt bangs, and even half shaved hairstyles. Since this season biggest hair trend is bold hairstyles it’s easier than ever to try something unique and different. If you’re too afraid to achieve a shorter style, you can always add blunt or fringe bangs to your look for something fresh and simple. The bob is an easy way to take years off your face and for an even edgier look you can add blunt bangs for some extra spice.
Altjana Banja
Hair&Make-up Artist

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